Energy Transition Research Institute


The Energy Transition Research Institute was formed to encourage and facilitate international collaboration to promote conservation and protection of natural resources, including promotion of energy efficiency and mitigation of climate change.

Our activities toward these purposes will include the following:

• Publishing scientific and technical papers with recommendations for improving and deploying energy efficiency and clean energy technologies

• Publishing popular articles for the purpose of public education on the scientific and technical aspects of climate change and natural resources policy.

• Marshalling finance for the deployment of energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.

• Organizing dialogues to enhance policymakers’ and thought leaders’ understanding of climate change and natural resources policy.

Entri is a U.S.-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation created in 2010. The organization builds on decades of its founders’ experience in research, institutional development, and technology deployment. The organization is a collaborative international effort with participation of top energy and climate experts from key nations.