Energy Transition Research Institute



Entri is governed by a board of directors, each of whom is an internationally known expert in energy and environmental science, technology, and policy. Current members include:

Barbara Finamore, staff attorney and director China programs for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Barbara is based in New England.

CHEN Shiping is Vice President of Beijing Keywise Capital Management, Ltd., specializing in environmental investment. He is formerly a clean energy entrepreneur and econometric-engineering modeler.

Jeffrey Logan, engineer and international policy scholar, Jeff is at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Jeff is Entri President and Chair of the Board.

Staff and Fellows

Igor Bashmakov, an economist and president and executive director of the Center for Energy Efficiency, Moscow, Russia, is a non-resident senior fellow with Entri.

William U. Chandler, energy scientist and entrepreneur, is research director for Entri.

Jon Elkind, former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy, is a visiting distinguished fellow at Entri.

Holly L. Gwin, attorney and science administrator, is Entri chief operating officer.

Maisah Khan, environmental scientist, is senior associate and program coordinator for the Financing Climate Cooperation Project.

WANG Yanjia, energy systems scientist, is Professor of Energy Systems Analysis at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.