Energy Transition Research Institute



Annapolis, MD 21405

William Chandler is president of Transition Energy and research director for the Energy Transition Research Institute (Entri). He is a member of the Board on Environmental Change and Society of the National Academy of Sciences. He is a founder of and advisor to Dalian East Energy Development Co., which operates heat recovery power plants in China. William Chandler is an energy scientist and entrepreneur with more than 40 years of work in environmental conservation and climate change. He founded and oversees DEED , a profitable ten-year old carbon emissions mitigation venture with operations in China. He also leads climate mitigation research at Entri, a not-for-profit research institute.

Chandler received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee in behavioral psychology and sociology. He earned a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University in an interdisciplinary program of science and economics of energy and climate.

Chandler started his research career in 1972 at Oak Ridge Associated Universities where he contributed to Economic and Environmental Implications of a Nuclear Power Moratorium (A. Weinberg et al., MIT Press, 1976). He joined the University of Tennessee Environment Center in 1976 where he coauthored Energy: The Conservation Revolution (Plenum Press, 1981) with John H. Gibbons. Chandler next moved to Washington and authored The Myth of TVA: Conservation and Development in the Tennessee Valley, 1933-1983 (Ballinger, 1984).

Chandler served as a senior researcher with the Worldwatch Institute in the early 1980s publishing several monographs on the environment and contributing to the first several volumes of State of the World (W.W. Norton, 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988).

Chandler joined Battelle Memorial Institute’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in 1988 where he served as Senior Staff Scientist and Laboratory Fellow, then the laboratory’s highest scientific rank. He founded and directed PNNL’s Advanced International Studies Unit and won the 1992 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award from ACEEE for work in the former Soviet Union. He was awarded the 1999 Global Climate Technology Leadership Award by the International Energy Agency for work in China, Ukraine, and other nations. Chandler retired from Battelle in 2005 to co-found Transition Energy and DEED.

Chandler served as a professorial lecturer for more than 10 years at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies where he taught international energy and environmental policy and published Energy and Environment in the Transition Economies (Westview, 2000). Chandler was a lead author with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) through its first decade. Bill has also led research teams as a consultant for the Pew Center on Climate, the Carnegie Endowment, and the World Wildlife Fund. He has testified many times in the U.S. Congress and currently serves as a member of the National Academy of Science’s Board on Environmental Change and Society. Forthcoming publications include China’s Future Generation 2.0: Assessing the Maximum Potential for Renewable Power Sources in China to 2050 (Entri and WWF, November 2015).

Chandler won a 2014 Maryland Senior Olympics Gold Medal with the Mackin Crew Basketball Team and plays classical guitar in the CG Strings Duet with his wife, attorney Holly Gwin. Bill, Holly, and their cardigan Welsh corgi reside on the Severn River near Annapolis, Maryland.