Energy Transition Research Institute

U.S.-China Climate Cooperation

Pictured, L to R: Zhang Ji-Qiang, blue moon fund; Shenyu Belsky, Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Jin Jiaman, Global Environmental Institute; and William Chandler, Entri. Zhang, Belsky, Chandler, and Jin organized the U.S.-China Climate Track II Dialogue from 2007 to 2010 (see group photograph from Great Wall meeting, 2008).

Entri has since its creation played a leading role in promoting U.S.-China cooperation on climate change emissions mitigation. Our staff enjoys the confidence of environmental leaders in both nations and has unrivaled expertise in the technical analysis of the economics of emissions control. See, for example, "Memo to Copenhagen: The Commentary is Misinformed: China's Commitment is Significant," and "Understanding Chinese Energy Intensity Data."