Energy Transition Research Institute

The "Strong, Smart Grid": State Grid Corporation produced the above map as an argument in favor of its aggressive, long-distance transmission line construction plans, indicating that most new hydropower and coal will be developed in the northwest and southwest far from population centers in the east. The problem with this priority, as indicated in the recent Entri study "China Power," is that it neglects the far more effective role of smart grid technology on the demand side. Graphic courtesy State Grid Corporation

China Smart Grid Benefit/Cost Studies

Entri’s study of China Power examines the benefits and the costs of deploying a wide range of technologies to satisfy China’s demand for electric power. We have completed two elements of this study. First, we commissioned a “smart grid” vision statement from Chinese experts. Next, we developed a model to project possible Chinese electric power futures and to consider options for cutting costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Our analysis concludes China will likely stick with the tried and true – coal and hydropower – and forego the most cost effective option – energy efficiency – without stronger oversight of utilities and powerful new regulations. The costs of these missed opportunities – to China’s economy and to the global environment – could be huge.

We continue to improve our data sets and modeling capabilities and are currently completing conversion of the grid model to an hourly capability covering the next 40 years.