Energy Transition Research Institute

Modeling China's Power Sector

Source: Entri "China Grid Model"

Preparing a benefit-cost analysis of clean electric power options in China requires access to large amounts of data and information, but Chinese organizations charged with grid management and development essentially treat all that information as state secrets. We have, nevertheless, been able to construct our own data sets from Chinese language academic journals, and to make our own calculations.

Entri has worked closely with the Chinese State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) to discover ideas for making the smart grid truly smart—that is, to incorporate demand and peak load management along with clean energy supply options. Entri has been in the fortunate position of having the chance of making a contribution to the power planning portion of that policy development effort—through a collaboration with Wu Jiandong, commonly viewed as the “father of smart grid” in China, arranged by SERC—the sensitivity of officials participating in that plan to sharing information—including that developed by our own team—was a challenge.

The effort has produced a large and detailed electric power sector data set and a new “China Grid Model.” The model is available in simplified format to the general public and for limited use by environmental, business, and public interest groups hoping to participate in the development of the electric power system in China.

Entri provides contract research on smart grid economic analysis, technology deployment, and business planning. Please contact Chen Shiping in Beijing for details at chen.shiping@transnrg.com.

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